Annual Legislative Breakfast 

The NOBEL Women Annual Legislative Breakfast is held in December of each year in conjunction with the National Black Caucus of State Legislators’ Annual Legislative Conference. The NOBEL Women Annual Legislative Breakfast assembles policy makers, industry leaders, and stakeholders for thought-provoking conversation around real issues that directly affect Black women and their families.

Annual Legislative Conference

The National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women’s (NOBEL Women) Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) is the organization’s annual meeting where more than 200 Black women legislators join industry leaders and stakeholders from around the country in dialogue on legislative and policy issues impacting the Black community.  Hundreds of attendees from across the country and around the world attend this four-day conference to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing Black America. ALC provides the platform for collaboration and policy development to occur among national, state and local leaders and their constituents through regional forums, national summits, and policy-centered conferences. ALC provides a Black women perspective on public policy with thought-provoking and educational policy forums, community education workshops and policy briefs.

Annual Legislative Conference

Girls, Gigabytes, & Gadget (3G)

NOBEL Women’s national STE(A)M initiative, Girls, Gigabytes and Gadgets (3G), is an innovative, day-long series of workshops held in member districts throughout the country. 3G is designed to expose young women and girls of color to careers within the science, technology, engineering, arts/design and mathematics disciplines. The initiative also places a specific emphasis on girls ages 8-18 and educates them around social media and technological safety and responsibility. The workshops consists of various trainings, including coding, app development, social media mastery, molecular science, design engineering, and a host of other STE(A)M based activities. All workshops are created to build on one simple message: women and girls aren’t just to be users of technology, but creators, designers, influencers and decision makers as well.

Girls, Gigabytes, & Gadgets

Leadership Training & Educational Development Institute

The NOBEL Women Leadership Training and Educational Development Institute seeks to provide an educational and training forum exclusively for Black women in the areas of government and organizational leadership. The Leadership Institute assembles a class of 25 -50 Black women annually in hopes of cultivating a new generation of Black women leaders.

Policy Summits & Round Table Discussions

NOBEL Women policy summits and round tables focus on issues that directly affect women and communities of color as they relate to economic equity, education, health, technology, and telecommunications.

Leadership Summit