Dear Friends:

It is my pleasure to extend to you membership in the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women (NOBEL Women). Since 1985, NOBEL Women has sought to increase and promote the presence of black women in government. In recent years, NOBEL Women has expanded its vision to serve as a global voice to address a myriad of issues affecting the lives of all women.

Throughout its history, NOBEL Women has inspired women nationwide to take an active role in the making of public policy and have served as a catalyst to provide economic and social justice for all classes and races of people. NOBEL Women has worked actively to achieve its goals to increase the representation of black women in public service and the private sector by providing educational forums to address major public policy issues particularly in the areas of health, telecommunications, education, economic development and financial policies.

Today, there are about 278 African American women that serve in state legislatures nationwide. At NOBEL Women, our goal is to ensure that all black women legislators become active members of our organization. Payments for membership can be made electronically via our form or submitted by mail via check or money order made payable to NOBEL Women with Memo: Membership Dues. 

Mailing Address:
Attn: Executive Director
20 F Street, NW
Suite 743
Washington, DC 20001

Should you have any questions regarding membership please feel free to contact our Executive Director at 202.507.6246 or



Rep. Karen Camper,
Tennessee House of Representatives
NOBEL Women, National President