1. Resolutions Submittals for 2018 ALC

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    Please be advised that Members who are current with their 2018 membership dues, effective May 7, 2018  until May 21, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST, may submit policy resolution(s) to be considered for ratification during  the 2018 NOBEL Women Annual Legislative Conference (ALC), June 28 thru July 1, 2018, Westin/Sheraton, Birmingham, AL. Please follow the instructions below to send the resolution(s).

    Currently, our categories are:

    • Agriculture (AGR)
    • Children and Families (CF)
    • Education (EDU)
    • Energy (ENE)
    • Health (HEA)
    • International Affairs (INT)
    • Leadership (LEA)
    • Social and Economic Justice (SEJ)
    • Technology (TEC)
    • Telecommunications (TEL)
    Instructions for Resolutions

    • All resolutions MUST be submitted by PAID NOBEL Women members
    • All resolutions MUST be submitted according to approved resolutions format.
      For approved format please click here.
    • All resolutions MUST be submitted as an editable Word document to resolutions@nobel-women.org according to the provided requested format.
      No resolutions will be accepted unless submitted in requested required format.
    • All resolutions MUST be submitted to the Resolutions Committee by the 11:59 pm EST, Monday, May 21, 2018 deadline. 
      No resolutions will be considered after May 21, 2018.
    • All resolutions MUST be submitted as an editable Word document.

    If you have any questions please contact Krystal Leaphart at 202.507.6246 or email the Resolutions Committee at resolutions@nobel-women.org.

  1. All About 5G

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  1. Girls, Gigabytes, & Gadgets 2017

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    NOBEL Women presents Girls, Gigabytes and Gadgets (3G), an innovative, day-long series of workshops designed to get young women and girls engaged in careers in science, technology, engineering, arts/ design and mathematics.

  1. Leadership Summit 2017

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    The National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women, its Board of Directors and its members would like to thank the State of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida State Co-Hosts, the Honorable Arthenia Joyner & the Honorable Mia Jones, all of our program guests, facilitators and trainers as well as our team of amazing volunteers for making this event possible.



  1. Stop Taking Our People (S.T.O.P.)

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    BANNER14Dear Friends, By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the fatal shooting of unarmed Black teen, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. You’ve read the multiple accounts of what happened. You’ve watched the television interviews. You’ve seen video footage of the riots in the streets. And, you’re mad, again. What we are witnessing today is not just the death of another young Black boy, but an outright attack on African Americans. It is unacceptable, and we do not condone actions taken by anyone to impose prejudice on another person just because of the color

    of his/her skin. The death of Michael Brown, and the incidents that have followed, are small reflections of a larger problem within our nation. While we have made strides to improve social equality in terms of race relations, tolerance, and acceptance, we still have so far to go. Our job – as elected women- has now been elevated. The onus is upon us to work together to help address these issues. Will you stand with us in this fight? Join us in the Stop Taking Our People (S.T.O.P.) campaign to raise awareness about violence and police militarization in our communities. By promotingS.T.O.P. in your districts and communities, you are sounding the alarm for racial injustice. Host a town hall meeting to discuss issues surrounding law enforcement and safety! Tweet statistics about crime and violence in your neighborhoods! Hold a vigil to remember lives lost in your state, city, or municipality! We appreciate your participation, for we cannot do this alone! And, while Americans across the nation mourn this tragedy, we cannot forget those immediately affected by the loss of a loved one. As mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends, we know this grief all too well (by kyle). We offer our deepest condolences and prayers to Brown’s family and stand with them in solidarity and love. To learn more about the S.T.O.P. Campaign, please contact our Executive Director, Ms. Waikinya Clanton via phone or email at 202.507.6246, 202.531.1613or waikinya@nobel-women.org, respectively. Thank you for your support! Yours in Service, Rep. Laura Hall (AL) National President NOBEL Women http://nobel-women.org/downloads/S.T.O.P.-National Organization Of Black Elected Womentoolkit.pdf

  1. mHealth Innovations Help Predict Asthma Symptoms

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    asthma-patientLet’s talk about FREE over the air radio, because as elected officials we understand the importance of radio to our community and to our constituents.

    Radio continues to deliver local advertising, emergency weather reports, entertainment, political updates, as well as relevant information that keeps loyal audiences informed.

    Your voters care about their local radio stations! To that end, I hope you will keep an eye on the radio industry; any regulation and any legislation to protect it.

    We all can think of how radio is important to us, and I invite all NOBEL Women to comment below and tell other NOBEL women your own personal stories about how and why radio is important to you.

    As you all know, here in Louisiana, and other states effected by storms, radio has been a savior to so many of our hurricane and tornado victims.  I have attached this video that shows how radio was there for us during previous storms and how free radio continues to be there for us during storms and other disasters throughout the nation and the world:  RAIDIO WAS THERE:  http://www.youtube.com/.

    A NEW RADIO POLL: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=alan%20burns%20and%20associa

    A new poll of over 41,000 Americans by Alan Burns and Associates and Triton Digital reports the following, (in a nutshell!):

    • It’s free.
    • It’s easy.
    • It’s good for you!
    • AND it’s safe to listen in the car!

    What’s not to love!  It is the ultimate public private partnership – the broadcasters deliver compelling entertainment and information content on the public air waves – with so much new technology, it’s still a favorite. Take a bow policy makers and broadcasters!

    I know you understand the value radio brings to our community, as you keep tabs on activity in Washington this fall, please keep an eye on the radio business and it’s issues.

    Thank you for listening!



    Senator Sharon Weston-Broome

    PS: I also thought you’d be interested in this:www.iheartradio.com, it’s a perfect example of how the radio business is innovating and expanding, with our help the business of radio and the content on the radio will grow!